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Exhibition SOOKI & Matthias Koeppel

Kunstraum F 200


Matthias Koeppel, Die sieben Todsünden
Kunstraum F 200
Friedrichstr. 200
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Curated by Peter Lindenberg

Exhibition: 29. 3 - 28. 4. 2019
Open: Mo.-Fr.: 10°°- 20°°

Every Tuesday at 17°°
SOOKI and Matthias Koeppel
offer guidance through their exhibiton

Free Entrance


How is it: Do large pictures haven as great contents? Or messages for mankind? If a little pathos comes along? Hard to judge, because one seldom sees them in their whole context.

Matthias Koeppel, Die sieben Todsünden
SOOKI "Selfie bei der Führung durchs
Jüngste Gericht"

Too big!, takes too much space - is often the explantion. They will be unbent and miss rolled up in the cellars the history of art. Here in the Kunstraum F 200 is enough space. The venturous architecture of the office floors, which develop like a "house in a house" from great dimensioned granite covered walls, is wonderfully suitable to present ultralarge imgage formats.

SOOKI and Matthias Koeppel, the painter couple, who themselves lead a producer gallery in Wilmersdorf, accepted the offer from F 200 with pleasure, and produced a selection of their mostly Berlin related "main works", which exceed by far the dimensions of a bourgeois appartment. The Höllensturz in SOOKI's " "Jüngsten Gericht" is in fact a theme of the Italian Renaissance, but the bold manner, to interfere naturally with the hell happenings, can also be understood as Berlin like.
Regarding "Neavenezia" it becomes even more obvious, here painting together the artist construct an utopic Venice onto the Tempelhofer Feld. Both artists have also illustrated the virtual foundation stone ceremony for it. Not the virtual but the real foundation stone ceremony for the Humboldt-Schloss Matthias Koeppel 3 by 2 meters has just finished alone. All that and a lot more can be seen. Come all over!


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